Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Six pounds in a week - not water weight!

OMG!!! 220 today!! That's 6 lbs down since last wednesday. Besides the water weight when i first started this journey way back in January, 6 lbs is by far the most weight lost in one week for me. Holy hell I'm excited. lol. I wore a belt yesterday that i bought end of march. I've already moved down 2 notches the last couple months and yesterday i moved down a 3rd notch! haha. Today is day 6 of the shred. Since starting that on Friday I am down 5 lbs and that includes going up 1 lb on saturday then coming back down. lol.

i am so stoked. also a little scared though to see how hard level 2 will be in just a few more days. but nothing will stop me from continuing!


  1. Woo-hoo! That is so AWESOME!! I'm know you're feeling good! Making me want to re-start The Shred holy cow!

  2. Woot!! I love getting so pumped i get others all pumped up too! haha. You should totally start doing the shred again!!