Thursday, October 20, 2011

Back from Vacay!

So I left bright and early Tuesday morning the 11th and didn't make it home until late Tuesday the 18th... well, so late in fact that it was Wednesday the 19th by the time I made it home. My first flight got delayed which made me miss my second flight so I had a 5 hour layover waiting on another flight back home that night. It wasn't too bad though because that was jsut extra time I got to spend with Laura since we both had layovers before heading back to our homes. :)

This is Stef (aka Ziona) with her son Sebastian-2 (aka Basha), Laura with her daughter Kristany-20 months (aka Punky), and of course me with my son Jett-3!

Z is one of the most awesome friends you could ever ask for by the way and so you should all totally check out her blog and become a follower right now!! ;)

We had a blast! Spent the week just hanging out and seeing all sorts of cool things in South Carolina. There was a trip to the Zoo and even a Kazoo factory. We also walked around downtown and shopped til our hearts content. We got to pick pumpkins in a pumpkin patch and went on a horse drawn carriage ride!

Basha was totally enthralled with me, as I was him! <3

Punky was too adorable for words most of the time!

and this is one of the dresses I ended up buying while crusing shops downtown. Got this on sale for 9.99 at a store called Totally Beachin!

I originally intended to post a few more pics for you guys to see... but I'm too tired/lazy to do that right now so this is all you get. lol. This is me and Jett after packing up and getting ready to head back to the airport.

My dad picked us up from the airport and informed me that a package had arrived in the mail for me while I was gone! He said it was from bodyglide and he had heard about them when he went to Disney World last year so he went ahead and opened up my box! lol. Anyways... it had some really cool stuff in it that I won from the Shrinkvivor contest going on over at during week 1!

I got a hat and 4 awesome little packages of stuff. It basically is to help you stay dry and keep you from getting chaffed while running, etc. Its like deodorant/anti-perspirant, but for your entire body! :) I can't wait to use this stuff!

Speaking of Shrinkvivor though... I was voted to exhile island today by my tribe. :( So looks like I'm out of the competition. Oh well.. good luck to the rest of White Team! And of course Bonnie, if you're still in, I'm rooting for ya! I've been pretty fail at reading blogs and staying caught up this past week being gone on vacation and not wanting to waste too much time online.

In much better news though, I stepped on the scale today and saw this number...

I weighed in for weigh-in Wednesday at Stef's house being 181 last week. It's really nice to have been able to go away on vacation, eat whatever I wanted, but still make sure I get in enough exercise time to keep on track and still lose weight! This only proves to me that I am much stronger than I give myself credit for and that I can live this way now and forever as long as I continue to put forth the effort! <3

In even more exciting news for myself... I am 2/3 of the way through week 6 of the couch to 5k plan! I did all of week 5 while on vacation, too! What's that you say? Oh yeah, I know, I'm a total badass! *dances* WOOT WOOT! haha. I made it through 20 minutes of straight jogging the day before I left South Carolina! Crazy! And I even started on week 6 day 1, the morning before I got on my plane and left to head back home to Texas!!! I did day 2 yesterday and plan on getting out there for day 3 at some point tomorrow! :) I'm so excited... After that I'll only have 3 weeks left! The weather has been absolutely great for running, too! When I left it was still hot here, but now that I've came back home I have had to completely shut off my air conditioner and even bring out my space heater for night time. I have also been wearing long sleeves everyday! This is pretty crazy it seems. lol. We just got over one of the historically hottest summers ever here and now its getting freezing really fast I believe! It's hard to tell though becuase I get cold a lot easier now than I used to. lol


  1. You are a badass!! Working out and losing weight while on vacation, who does that?!? I freakin' love you!

  2. It looks like you had so much fun!! I love that "beachin'" dress lol! I'm so proud of you for sticking to your goals even on your time off. Every time I take vacation I slack and gain weight. Wow the 170's!! I'm waiting for the 170's myself. Cross your fingers for my next weigh in!

  3. OMG. You lost weight while on vacation? That's amazing. You got will power girl. You are strong. Next time I'm on vacation, I'll be sending you messages for that will power. LOL. And're doing amazing with your running. I need to start that back up again. Monday for sure I'll do it since I got the ASVAB done. I need to drop this weight. Love the dress. It's amazing.

  4. You are freakin' awesome. I admire you. I am so happy for you that you had a great vacation with friends. You look totally 'bitchin'!' cool in that dress, love it! You're just a doll. Losing and working out on vacation, well... lets just say you are a far better woman than I am... ugh. :) Kudos!

  5. You are in the zone. Can I come to the zone with you? The pics looked really awesome. Glad 2 c u took some times for yourself. Great friends are hard to come by and should be appreciated. Have a great weekend.

  6. Aww Thank you so much everyone!! I just went in to my vacation prepared to workout and made my mind up ahead of time that I knew I didn't have the kind of body that could eat what she wanted and get away with it without working out so I knew I was going to have to workout on vacation. I brought my own workout dvd's and workout clothes and luckily there was a small fitness center open 24 hours at stef's apartment complex! It was nice to finally be able to hit the gym with a few friends! :)

    I continued to run my couch to 5k plan by myself and took advantage of having friends there to stay with my son while he was asleep so i could go running alone and not slack and screw up an other week.

    I definitely do not think it was a good 'eating' week for me. I had sooo much food!! But I suppose I balanced it with just enough exercise.

    Crossing my fingers for ya Lorrie, and Elizabeth I hope you do start running again its soo much fun! April, oh no that doesn't sound happy... I'm hoping the trip to vegas itself was good though, I'll have to be sure I go back and read up on it later today! Stormy, of course you can! I welcome any friends I can get here!!!

  7. It's always more fun to exercise with friends! I totally loved it, and was so sad we had to stop when Glenn got sick!

  8. Wow! Next time we're all coming on holiday with you so we can all follow the success you had on this one! lol!

  9. exhiled yet on a winning streak? How funny.. silly shrinkvivor. Let me state i have yet to send the damn shouldve had two packages waiting for u .. promise i will send it out tomorrow morning. PROMISE :0)love that dress btw... so pretty!

  10. I know stef. I wish no one got sick. Now Jett is coming down with a cough. Though I think its because of the huge weather change and no humidifier in my room.

    Tim - woohoo a big blog meetup would be awesome, especially if it involved heading overseas. lol.

    Frances - I'm looking forward to it. My mom brought home an apron the other day and I was like omg i can't wait til mine shows up!! lol. Thanks hon, this dress is super cute but now its wayyy too cold here to wear it anymore.

  11. Love the pictures and that dress looks amazing on you!

  12. Awesome number! Man I need to get back on track with the couch to 5K, I have gotten so far off...