Monday, October 10, 2011

Time for a quickie...

So much to do in so little time.... Went to Six Flags today! Had a great time. Yay for that... but I gotta finish packing and then wake up at 4:30am tomorrow so I need to hurry my ass up and get offline, bathe, etc before sleepy time!

Just wanted to admit here that I didn't ever get a chance to do day 3 of week 4 last week! So I did it today!! I'm not giving up on couch to 5k just becuase my schedule got a little crazy hectic busy. NO WAY AM I A QUITTER!!! I did day 3 today and so now week 4 is complete!

But as I look at week 5 I am about to have a heart attack. lol. Oh my... this is the crazy mixed up week they change something every day! On day 3 I have to jog 20 minutes straight?!!!!! Wow....

Well... hopefully I'll live to tell about it by the end of this week. :)

G'night guys... my next post will be announcing that I've arrived at my destination and linking you to my fellow blogger who I'll be with for the next week! EEEEEE!!!! So exciting. lol.


  1. Enjoy yourself!! And way to go on not giving up! Just because we have a small set back doesn't mean we have to give up! :)

  2. You can do that long run!!! Its all about mind over matter!!! You can do it!!!

  3. I totally shit myself when I first saw how long I had to jog for when I did C25K. I'd love to say it gets easier but it doesnt! LOL

    You will surprise yourself though because despite it seeming like a long time, you've prepared yourself for it by completing the previous C25K weeks. You can definitely do this!

  4. Thanks guys!! I'm still dreading week 5 but I'll live I guess. lol.