Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I know it's been a few days...

... but I just haven't had anything all that interesting to say I guess. lol. But hooray for today because I finally do! ^_^

I got a package in the mail today from Frances over at Carbie Girl! I tied for first place winner of her 'Guess my weigh-in' contest she held for the month of September. Out of a few different choices she gave me, I picked this super cute prize!!

And there was an adorable extra I wasn't expecting! Awww penguin!!! ^_^ Yay!!!! I'll have to frame it now. lol. Of course Jett's favorite part was the bubble wrap! :)

I love my new apron, Thanks so much hon!!!


In other news... I carved my first jack-o-lantern in a really long time last night! I can't remember how long its been... something like 17 years ago? lol. Anyways it came out looking like a vampire.. but meh. LOL. Afterwards, I got online and looked up what I could do with the insides and found out how to roast pumpkin seeds. I have never tried pumpkin seeds before but OMG these things are delicious. I wish I had taken a picture for ya'll but sorry! This is what I did.

--Rinse off all the pumpkin pulp.
--Put seeds in a pan filled 2/3 with salted water.
--Bring to boil and let it stay there for at least 10 minutes.
--Drain off excess water.
(You're supposed to dry them first but I didn't have the patience to wait)
--Arrange seeds flat on a cookie sheet.
--Top with whatever seasonings you want. Some might say you should roll them in canola oil or something first. Instead of that, I sprayed them with parkay. lol. Then I lightly sprinkled some salt and garlic powder over the tops of them.
--Bake at 250 for at least 1 hour. I left mine in there for almost 2, I believe. They came out very crispy and delicious!!!

I've never had pumpkin seeds before, but these things are soo good. They taste just like sesame seeds to me! I'm eating some right now... well hell... I'll snap a cell phone pic for you guys real quick. :)


I did manage to take some actual pictures of the Jack-o-lantern, though! ^_^


  1. Oh my gosh SO CUTE!! I love the apron! And the cute pumpkin!!

  2. I never put that much effort into my pumpkin seeds. :) That apron is ridiculously cute. Carbie is ridiculously talented, that penguin is adorable. LOL

  3. Halloween isn't very big over here in the UK compared with over the pond but I made my first lantern last year and it went so wrong my mum was too embarrassed to put it outside. LOL

    Great pressie by the way!

  4. Thanks guys I love my new apron and wore it to make my omelet for breakfast yesterday. lol. I loveee Halloween. One of my fave holidays for sure! The Nightmare Before Christmas is my favorite childhood movie.

  5. The apron is so amazing. Of course it has a really pretty model to show it off :P

    We have two tiny pumpkins but I can't bring myself to carve them.

  6. Geezus I seriously missed this post but again you already know how great you look in that apron. You're very welcome :0) NMBC is one of my absolute FAVORITE movies ever!!!!!!