Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I love winning. lol. I seem to be doing a lot of that lately. In life as well as actually winning tangible things! hahah. I got an email yesterday from the people at Shrinking Jeans saying that I won their giveaway for Body glide on the week one challenge post from Shrinkvivor!!
For Women
  • 1 Bodyglide For Her .8oz
  • 1 Liquified Powder Tube 1.6oz
  • 1 WarmFx .45oz
  • 1 Sun & Sport .45oz
  • 1 Bodyglide Cap

So score for something I've never tried before, yet already have a need for! I was out running today doing day 2 of week 4 of my couch to 5k training plan and my thighs kept slapping together so hard and I could swear they were ready to start chaffing so bad! I wish I already had the bodyglide! lol.

Speaking of week 4!! I did day 1 yesterday and Jett was awake so I had to take him with me! The neighborhood I run around here has all sorts of hills and things, too. I pushed his 33lbs plus the weight of the stroller while doing my first 5 minutes of straight jogging. Talk about tough! I totally felt awesome for having gotten through it though and realized I was much more capable than I thought I was. Today Jett was napping when I usually go for my walks or runs so I decided to go ahead and get day 2 out of the way while I had the chance. I got to run alone and my pace was sooo much faster! At the end I even ran an extra 30 seconds before looking down at the stopwatch to see that my 5 minutes had already passed!

I've been doing a lot of up and down on the scale the past few days with Aunt Flow in town but she's gone now and I worked out pretty hard today so I'm hoping to see a good loss tomorrow and have something nice to report in with for my first week of Shrinkvivor! I did Jillian Michael's Burn Fat Boost Metabolism for about 50 minutes this afternoon, did my couch to 5k training after dinner and then followed that up with Level 3 of the 30 day shred. I was really hurting through that one too tonight so I modified a lot more than usual. lol. I didn't wanna over exert myself and end up being super lazy tomorrow because of it.


  1. Go you! That's awesome! You must have been totally in the zone to continue for an extra half a minute without realising.

  2. yeah, baby!! :) That is wonderful, do this for you and for your son.

    You love Jillian, huh? I did the Last chance Workout last night and I was like... this is becoming too easy for me. I am going to look into ordering some more DVDs, any recommendations? I think they have CArdio Max or something like that? Will be searching on Amazon this week or next, so let me know if you have any must-haves!

  3. I should whip out my 30DS, but I don't like exercising in front of people (unless they're good friends and also exercising), since I like to think of it as my "me" time, and just slip into my own head and do it. It's nicer that way, and I tend to do more, and better. I don't worry about other people, or even myself, and I just listen to my body. It's a beautiful thing, when I think about it.

    Anyway, GO YOU, you dirty hore. Enough rambling from me ;).

  4. I have Cardio Max and the Power Sculpt you are supposed to do with it. Both great dvd's and yes I adore Jillian! She gets RESULTS!!!! lol.

    Thanks everyone!! I feel lazy today. Been driving around all day and havent done crap. Eating well I suppose though. I'll workout after dinner for sure.

  5. Congrats on winning!! Thats awesome!~!! I LOVE body glide!!!