Sunday, October 2, 2011

Playing catch up!

So this past week was insanely busy... After doing so well on Thursday and seeing 178 lbs on my scale I was hoping to be lower than that on Friday, but I stepped on the scale and saw 180 and was like wtf gives?! Then it hits me... in my brand spanking new white panties... Aunt Flow is in the hizzy. lol. So I feel better about the number on the scale, but still wanna do good for the day. I go walking around the Cain Center while waiting for the appointment we scheduled to see about a 2 week free membership. Then after the meeting is over they tell us the pool isn't open for kids younder than 12yrs until noon so we leave to go eat lunch and come back since my mom and jett want to swim. Well, we had chinese and I totally planned on eating a nice salad and only a little bit of other stuff. I had like 3 plates of food. I felt sooo awful immediately too. I was soo mad at me. Then the cramps and bloatedness kicked in too and I felt like total shit at this point. We get back to the Cain Center, they go swim, but i force myself to hit the gym first. I used the treadmill, the bike, the crunch board, and some sort of arm machine. I ended up burning over 409 calories there and then I went swimming laps for the next 30 minutes so lots more calories there. I felt better after all that working out but man I sure didn't want to start, glad I sucked it up and did though. When I got home, after I caught up on some tv I recorded earlier this week, I went for my 5k training run of week 3 day 2. I did that in the fastest pace I've done so far and then I came back here and did the 30 day shred on level 3! So tons of calories burned yesterday even though I probably had a thousand calories for lunch. I somehow pulled off a loss on Saturday morning and saw 179 on the scale with Aunt Flow here in town and all. I pushed hard and it was well worth it. I refuse to accept failure from myself anymore. I knew I failed at eating on Friday, but I made sure to make up for it in exercise.

Saturday I spent most of the day at Six Flags walking around with my mom and Jett and riding rides and seeing shows, etc. It was a pretty perfect day. The weather was in the high 70s but there was lots of wind and it was such a relief from the 100s and 90s all these past few weeks that i threw on a light hoodie! haha. We rolled the windows down for the entire ride there and back and it was so nice and chilly. I love it. October is my absolute favorite time of year here in East Texas!! When I got home I ate a quick dinner and then went for my week 3, day 3 jog for the Couch to 5k plan. Woohoo! This time my neighbor, Brian, joined me. He is about to turn 23 this month and has recently graduated from some sort of police academy and just showed me his new badge and gun. He's got quite a bit of excess belly he wants to run off though and said to let me know whenever I go for my runs or walks. He jogged a little bit of it with me but was really tired and out of breath a lot of times and his legs are soo much longer than mine that he could do a fast paced walk and keep up with my slow jog. lol. I think he did alright though for attempting to do week 3 on his first time out there with me. :)

I have not been reading blogs for days now and as I'm following probably 100 or so right now, I've got a lot of catching up to do. So i'll most likely be skimming through them, if you feel you have made an important announcement or update that I should know about, please give me a little nudge and be like hey woman you better go read my blog!!! Just to ensure I don't accidentally skip over something juicy. :)

I did get an email though from Carbie Girl!! She mentioned me and another girl were the winners of her guess her weigh in results contest. She weighed at the beginning of September and then was scale free the entire month and we got the closest guess to her exact weight at the end of the month. :) SO YAY FOR PRIZES! hahah. I like winning.

Oh and don't think I haven't noticed I keep getting random new followers... Ya'll stop by and introduce yourself and say hello to me!! :)

Oh and as promised, pictures of me from the Blink 182 concert... I wish I wasn't so far away or had a better camera and could have gotten some decent pictures of the band. Oh well.


  1. Woot! And you better read my blog, woman! Not that there's really anything juicy there... You're just one of my very very few followers, and I like to see that there's been at least ONE view on my posts.

  2. And she wrote...."I refuse to accept failure from myself anymore." Gosh, I love that attitude! Keep it up!!!

  3. Stop by my blog lady for a giiiiveaway!!!

  4. stef... people i know personally always get their blog checked by me! lol. april, i love it, i just need to make myself live by it! taryn - on my way!

  5. I just came across from Miss April's blog and am very glad I did, I've not had a chance to read from the start but I certainly intend to. I have however flicked through your photos, WOW you've done such an excellent job and I'm seriously impressed and inspired to get up in the morning and head to the gym! You're going on my blogroll :-)

  6. glad you found your shout out, because I forgot to come tell you about it after I linked you up. haha. And look, you even got a new follower off me. It's only because you totally kick ass though. :)

  7. @D...

    Thanks hon! And actually... this was only my 3rd time in a gym this year! If you do end up reading up some on my story you will see that i do most of my working out at home with dvd's or just getting outside to go walk or jog or swim or bike. I'm too poor to afford a gym! lol. But lucky you!! Take advantage of the access you have to one right now for sure!!

  8. @Miss April

    haha yeah Thanks April, it was totally by chance, though had I gotten that previous comment I would have came to your blog to find out how they found me there. lol. :D