Friday, October 7, 2011

A to Z of me

So I have been crazy busy without the chance to update in the past few days much less get caught up on reading... but anyways.. here's something quick and easy just for the sake of posting. Besides... having 88 followers now I figure some of you might actually be interested in knowing random crap about me, right? hah.

A. Age - 25
B. Bed size - Full
C. Chore you dislike - Mopping
D. Dogs - never had one, we've always been cat people. Though I'm not opposed to owning one someday, I have no idea how to really take care of one.
E. Essential start to your day - Checking my phone for late night texts. lol
F. Favorite color - Green
G. Gold or silver - Silver always... unless its white gold.

H. Height - 5'5"

I. Instruments you play(ed) - I can play bits of songs on a few instruments like keyboard, guitar, and bass. But I don't actually play anything. I really wanna be a drummer someday though. lol
J. Job title - I'm currently a single stay at home mom, so pick one! They're all true. lol
K. Kids - Just my son, Jett who is 3.
L. Live - and let live... :) haha. I live in East Texas.
M. Mom's name - Momma. duh. lol
N. Nicknames - Jen is the most common. though there's a million others. For the reference, Jennie/Jenny is unacceptable though.
O. Overnight hospital stays - Just when I had my son, I spent 2 nights there.
P. Pet peeves - Ignorance

Q.Quote from a movie - "You're my exception."- He's Just Not That In To You
R. Righty or Lefty - Righty

S. Siblings - a slightly younger brother (by 18 months) and an older half-sister I've only known about half my life now.

T. Time you wake up - Oh my alarm is currently set to 7:30 but I've been hitting snooze til 8 lately.

U. Underwear - panties... lol. hipsters or boyshorts or bikini cut.
V. Vegetables you don't like - um it'd be a shorter list to name the ones I do like.
W. What makes you run late - I've always been the one to be early. But now that I have Jett.. I'm always late no matter how early I try to get up to make sure I'm not late. Kids!!! ugh.
X. X-rays you've had - None that I'm aware of.
Y. Yummy food you make - Um... I'm an alright cook, but I'm still learning. lol. So nothing in particular.
Z. Zoo animal favorites - My favorite animals of all time are Penguins! And yeah before all those penguin movies came out and the craze began, I was crazed. I collect penguins. All kinds of things like shirts, pens, candy, stuffed animals, decorations, figurines, lip gloss, necklaces, etc. I'm even wearing penguin shorts right now. lol. My first tattoo was an emperor penguin! Some of you may have noticed my twitter name is poisonedpenguin. lol. I think it may have been my myspace name too at one point.


  1. *yoink* ;)

    surprsingly enough, i don't hate mopping! sweeping i do hate LOL.

  2. Remind me never to be your neighbour in the future if you're planning on taking up the drums! hehe.

  3. Sweeping ain't so bad for me, but I don't like to mop becuase I always end up tracking footsteps through it somehow no matter how hard I try not to. lol.

    and alright Tim... hahah. I plan on having a nice place out in the country a little bit so my neighbors wouldn't even be close enough to hear it! :)

  4. Where do you live?? I live near Canton, Tx. I work in Ennis! Send me an email