Sunday, January 1, 2017

Back to the basics

Well, here it is a new year again and as cliche as it sounds I am over here thinking a new year a new me.... again.

A lot has happened over the course of the year and a half since my last post.  I am now married along with raising 2 kids, working full time, and attending college full time. You can easily see how I let life get the best of my time and not found myself here or even working out or eating right. I am back up to over my original starting weight and am pretty embarrassed to have let things slide so far.

293.0 lbs

Today I weighed in at 293 lbs, although I did once last year see my highest weight right at 300 lbs on Superbowl Sunday last year. The lowest my weight ever got to was 171 lbs so I never quite made it to my goal of 150 lbs which according to BMI charts would be near the very top of a normal BMI range for my height of 5'5".

Here are my ''before'' pictures taken this morning which will hopefully be followed by many progress and after photos throughout the coming months.

Plenty there to lose... I am going to start calorie counting again since I know that worked before. I am not sure if I will try to do 1200 right off the bat this time though. I may take it easy and start with something like 1800 which I am sure would still be a considerable amount less than my body is currently used to. 

Sweaty but feelin good after my first workout of the year.

This morning I found a beginners workout to stream from Amazon and decided to give it a try.  It was only 30 minutes long but half way through I felt like I was going to puke. I did not expect to feel so out of shape from doing such a basic beginners style workout when I used to be able to do much harder ones on the regular before. I was shocked at how much it winded me but it was a good smack in the face of the reality of my situation. I plan to exercise in some form for at least 30 minutes every day. I may do a home workout video or go for a walk, but I need to get myself moving a lot more regularly that is for sure. 

These are my starting body measurements:

Neck - 16.5"
Bust - 50"
Waist - 47"
Hips - 60"
Arms - 19"
Thighs - 32"
Calves - 20"

Here's hoping the new year brings you good luck and balance to all things in your lives and I look forward to catching up with many of you about how your journeys are coming along. 


  1. Life's a roller coaster, right? I'm done with the ups and downs and ups again!!

    1. I would love to say I'm done with all the ups, on the scale anyways...