Thursday, January 19, 2017

Today was a good day.

I ate well and things came together well for me. My car is working again. Turns out the fix was very simple, though frightening, to find out it was just some bolts that came loose and so we had to spend a few cents on new bolts then tighten them on there good and seal with a thread lock. I was able to get up extra early and catch a ride with my dad this morning to drop off Bethany early and get my college textbooks with 10 minutes to spare before I had to clock in at work this morning, too.

My classes on the other hand are a bit daunting.. there seems to be a lot of work in my near future. The college algebra course I am taking is making my head spin. Ugh... once I think I have one equation figured out it wants to throw a whole different one that takes some sort of other order and its frustrating.

I am still dropping lbs on the daily.. I hit 283 this morning.. looks like I'll reach my second goal real soon. Before the end of the month if I'm lucky. I am getting really excited thinking about being able to fit in to some of my old clothes again. I am glad I kept everything I wanted in a tote haha. It's in storage at my parents house but my dad is remodeling this year and so I need to get back down to those sizes so I can throw out my current stuff and bring the older smaller sizes over to my closet before he needs the space. :D

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