Thursday, January 5, 2017

First goal achieved!

I did it! This morning when I stepped on the scale I saw myself hit the first goal I set of 289 lbs! It's been over a year since I have seen a number lower than the 290s so this feel pretty amazing. Ignore my ugly chipped nail polish.. but here it is.

My first goal weight has been achieved!
So needless to say my morning started out on the right foot. I was still skeptical about how things at work would go today, but they actually went okay. Day 2 of my new position and so it's still rough around the edges and taking some getting used to, but it helps that the kids already know me and today there were only 10 instead of the 16 I had yesterday. 6 kids make a lot larger difference than it might seem! I was able to teach a lot more of my curriculum without as many interruptions and distractions as the previous day though still not as much as I am supposed to be getting done. Hopefully lessons will come easier to us all as time goes on though.

Last night I mentioned how I might decide to do a workout from Amazon again if I could talk myself in to it but I never actually did. I am okay with that though since I was still exercising in my free time at work. Today I did a lot more exercising during our time in the gym and even did some invisible chair wall squats. The kids got a real kick out of that one and even tried to climb in my lap. hah. Today however I felt great after getting home and having dinner with my family so I went ahead and asked my husband and son to please let me have 20 minutes with the TV even though they already started playing one of the new video games my son got fro Christmas. They finished up their first round and then let me take my turn. It's nice having the support of loved ones. I knew if I waited until after they were done I would just find some other excuse not to do it.

All in all, today was a pretty great day and I am stoked to keep moving forward. I did get asked by a 5 year old if I had a baby in my belly though.. and a 4 year old asked me the same thing yesterday... darn kids. lol