Sunday, January 15, 2017

Week 2!

Well I keep telling myself I need to find time to post and play catchup, however I am reminded of all the things I haven't shared here yet that I wanted to and get overwhelmed thinking its just too much and so I need to wait until I have enough time to write everything. However, I think that is backfiring because I just haven't posted anything. So here's what I'm thinking... oh well to what you missed. I need to just start logging daily again even if it's short and simple that way at least I can remember the good things I wanted to share or any lows I may have had. The whole point of the blog is to keep me accountable and to share what is or is not working for me so I think it will be better that way.

Anyways, here we are 2 weeks in and this is what the scale reads...

So hooray! I am 8 lbs down in the last two weeks. Not too shabby! I am still very excited to keep trudging along. Still no sodas but my calorie intake has been fluctuating up a bit lately. I am still exercising as much as possible though so that helps. I'm not going crazy overboad with the eating though either. Just eating more when I feel more hungry.

I started taking a Once daily women's vitamin this morning and also a chocolate whey protein shake to help with muscle rebuilding and soreness. I recall taking both before and them being very helpful and I'm doing my best to recreate that much success.

Oh and one important thing I did want to mention was that my son is being homeschooled and since he is required to do at least 30 minutes of exercise each weekday I am finding it easier to make myself get a workout in after dinner during the week because it is during that time he does it along side me and gets his PE done for the day. It's one less thing for my husband to worry about during school time and it's one more thing for me to do to bond with my son. :D

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  1. How long have you homeschooled? Very cool.