Sunday, March 6, 2011

100 Days on the Wii Fit

Today I reached 100 days of loggin on to my Wii Fit to workout. I've had it since around my birthday in November but didnt start using it every day until January 15th. I guess that's some sort of accomplishment though. I'm not sure I've ever dedicated myself to working out anywhere near as much as I have by now so thats cool I guess. I'm still not feeling my best because I am still up a few pounds from where I had reached the week before, but I am down 1 lb from yesterday so not bad. It took me a week to put those few pounds back on so I know I wont lose them overnight. I'm just so ready to move on and keep sliding on down the scale. :)

I've had a decent breakfast and lunch today. Did all 2 hours of my workout and had my protein shake and vitamin. I'm about to head out with my dad and brother to their boyscout meeting and me and Jett are going to take TJ over to the park to kill time while his older brothers enjoy their first meeting in their new troop. I am almost positive that we will be stopping to eat on the way home. Most likely it will be mexican food. The place is local though so I can't really look up their menu items online to prepare myself beforehand for what I will order. But I am conciously thinking about what decisions I should make right now. I am not going to have any chips or salsa this time. I will just drink water while I wait. I will order something like grilled chicken breast or whatever I can find on the menu that looks like the healthiest and tastiest option for me. I will not over indulge or make the mistakes I have in the past of thinking I can handle eating just one chip, etc.. I can do this right and I'm going to.

I will not fail today. :D

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