Sunday, March 20, 2011

I feel great...

I really feel like I'm on the path to success. I can feel my body working and getting sore from how hard I'm pushing myself. Of course if I start hurting wrong or something like my knee started feeling funny the other day, then i know its time to take a break and do something less strenuous.

for the last week I've been going down about a pound a day and I feel great. I am hopeful that I can get down to 230 by the time 1 more month is down. I know my next goal is set at 225 but 25 lbs in 31 days is probably gonna be hard. i will be ecstatic if i can do that of course. but being realistic i think reaching for 230 by april 15th sounds like a plan. :)

I am at 244 today :) 29 lbs down since Jan 15th!

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