Saturday, March 5, 2011


I feel like crap. lol. Seriously though, this week has been soo terrible.

Sunday - impromptu Angie visit, no workout
Wednesday - Went walking with my nephews instead of working out. So it wasn't near as hardcore as my normal routine.
Thursday - Didn't get to walk or get to any of my workouts because I was too busy doing other things while my nephews were here and hogging the tv. lol.
Friday - My parent's took us out to a chinese buffet and I took in wayyy too many calories.

So today when I stepped on the scale and saw I went up like 4 lbs I was not happy. Not really shocked though considering the slacking going on all week. It figures it would finally catch up with me. I saw those numbers though and was determined to work my butt off today and get all my exercises out of the way before my nephews show back up. So far I've done an hour and a half. I'm saving the last half hour for just before bed. But I feel good, I worked up a big sweat and drank my protein shake and took my one-a-day vitamin. I had a decent salad for breakfast and am about to go make a tuna salad sandwich for lunch now.

I need to snap out of this funk and put this week behind me. Tomorrow is the start of a new week and time for me to really bring my A game. :)

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