Monday, March 28, 2011

I'm still here!

Sorry guys... I know its been a week since I last posted. Things have just been kinda down here the last few days and the other days I was kinda busy. Spent some time with my son and my nephews at the Dallas Zoo one day. Spent a day out with some girlfriends another day and then had Jett in the ER trying to figure out why he had this strange rash on his face that seemed to have popped up out of nowhere. He's alright, turns out it was just 5th Disease, aka Slapped Cheeks Syndrome. Apparently its very common, and similar to chicken pox in that you usually only get it once and its very itchy and highly contagious. There's no real treatment necessary for children and its usually only dangerous if you have sickle cell anemia or are a pregnant woman. I am a little surprised that I had never heard of it before though. They gave me some info on it at the hospital and then I came home and googled it and realized it was really strange that its super common and I never heard much of it. I did recall one of my online besties saying her son got it a year or two ago but I didn't know what it was and didnt really ask much about it back then. But as soon as they told me that's what Jett had I was like ohhh yeah I remember Melissa posting pictures of Jonathan with the same red puffy cheeks now. lol.

Anywayssssss though!

There were a couple days where I did not exercise anywhere near as much as the full 2 hours I wanted. I did do at least 30 minutes everyday though except yesterday. Yesterday was the first day I didn't exercise at all. I felt like crap all day and couldnt pull myself out of this funk I've been in. Today when I got up though I knew I needed to kick myself in the ass and start a new and hope like hell I hadn't strayed too far off path. I decided to do my morning cardio to TV this morning instead of watching a workout i just did some boxing and some jogging intermittently while watching a DVR'd I Used to be Fat episode. Speaking of that... I just mentioned it to Kirsten because it really really helped me out for today. Here's what I said and her response. :)

I love hearing back from the IUTBF kids. They are always so positive and just all around awesome. :) Such bright young role models. <3

Anyways... I've been rocking it today. Eating well and got an hour and a half down so far. Just 30 more minutes I think I will do right after I post this blog. :) I weighed in and was actually a bit shocked to see that I've gone down another pound and a half even though I wasn't working out as hard as normal I had still been trying to stay within calorie range as much as possible. So yay for that. Seeing the numbers on the scale go down is just one more thing to help me stay on track and feel positive about pushing myself harder.

Finally got some workout clothes that my mom bought for me and they feel great to work out in. There's a lot less friction than in my old t shirts and pajama bottoms. lol. I look like a blob in them, but I think that kinda helps the motivation too haha.

Going to go out dancing with my two best friends this Thursday since one of them is moving to California in another week or so and I wont see her til God knows when... so I tried on an outfit that's been hiding away in my closest because it's never fit well and looked good enough on me that I'd dare wearing it outside of the house. Well I loved the way it looked this time! I am totally wearing it this Thursday and going to have to post some pictures here! :D

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