Thursday, March 31, 2011

A whole new person

Sometimes I feel like I am not the same person anymore. I look in the mirror and see a different me and when I hear myself talk I'm like.. who the hell is that girl?

But I think thats just the lardass in me fighting change. hahah. So far I've been able to shut her up with weight watchers turtles. only 50 calories each and if i've been good all day then i allow myself one after dinner if I'm just especially craving something extra.

But seriously though... I hear myself talking about working out alllllll the time and saying oh i just lost another pound. The old me used to think that one pound meant absolutely nothing because I could go up and down 2 or 3 lbs everyday just because. Which of course is still true. But the old me knew nothing about maintaining a healthy diet and knowing my calorie intake. Now one pound means leaps and bounds to me. I rejoice every single one I hit, because that is just one more down on my way to healthy. :)

I used to make fun of girls who obsessed over eating that extra cookie or that fun size bag of chips or whatever and who were always talking about omg i just lost 1 lb!! But now I know why they did it and I feel like a huge dummy. haha. And a little mean spirited. I think the fatter you are the meaner you get though. It's slowly melting away and with each pound shed, I become not only a healthier Jen, but a happier one. :)

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