Sunday, March 13, 2011

Back from vacation...

So I tried really hard on the car ride down to stick to eating only so many calories and started off great but by the end of the day we had stopped to eat out for lunch and dinner and my diet was way off track by then. As soon as we got checked in to the hotel though I went to check out the gym facilities and spent the last 30 minutes in there before it closed for the night. The next day my food choices were much slimmer and we again went out to eat for lunch and dinner. I decided that since the last time I was on vacation anywhere was about 7 years ago so I should cut myself some slack and just enjoy myself food-wise. Of course I didn't purposely try to go overboard and order a whole slew of grossly fattening foods, but I ate what I wanted and tried not to worry. We were in the middle of downtown St. Louis so it was easiest to just walk everywhere we wanted to go instead of taking the car and paying for parking, etc. I walked my butt off all day and then when I finally got around to getting back to the hotel I spent an hour and a half in the gym using the treadmill, elliptical, stationary bikes, and all sorts of weight machines to work my arms and legs. I think my favorite one was the one that works your inner thighs, though it was kind of a tie with the one that works your outer thighs.

The next morning I made sure I woke up earlier than my parents and went down to spend as much time in the gym as I could before they said it was time to go. I spent another hour and a half there enjoying a beautiful view of the city and the Gateway Arch from the top level of our hotel while burning off as many calories as I could. Then I went and got showered and packed up ready to go. My parents were busy visiting the Haunted House Convention one last time before we had to leave so I spent the next 30 minutes just wandering the streets of town while waiting on them to get back to the car. I really loved being in the city and being able to walk anywhere I wanted to go. Here you'd have to walk 10 miles to get anywhere besides a gas station or the lake. I came upon a huge crowd of folks all dressed in green and getting ready to watch the St. Patrick's day Parade Run. Took a few pictures and then headed on back to meet up with my parents and go back to Texas.

On the drive home yesterday we ended up stopping at a Taco bell for lunch and then didnt eat dinner until we made it home at like 11pm. Then it was just find whatever you could in the fridge and go for it. I ate freely and figured today I would get myself back on track eating right and continuing my workouts. As I stepped on the scale this morning I was hoping it hadn't gone up too drastically yet preparing myself for the worst. To my pleasant surprise I was only up 0.7 lbs! And that was after I ate breakfast this morning. I usually try to do my weigh ins before I eat anything and after I go to the restroom so I can get the most accurate weight. So overall I am very happy and still proud of myself for at least keeping up with working out while I was away from home and not feeling like I deprived myself of enjoying any good meals with my family or anything like that.


  1. That's great you kept your work out's up while on vacation, I'm proud of it. The Haunted House convention sounds so fun!!!!

  2. Thanks. I'm already back down under what I was before I left and down another pound over that too. :) The convention was pretty amazing. Not for the faint of heart though. Or children. haha.