Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 30 is finally here...

Yesterday I totally failed at working out. lol. I left the house early to take Jett to his MawMaw's for dad's day and then I spent all day enjoying a relaxing time with a close friend. Even had a glass of wine together. It was damn nice. lol. Even better than mothers day! lol. Anyways though, he took me to lunch at some new Chinese buffet but i was sooo good! I'm super proud of my eating habits from yesterday and I didn't gain any weight so woot. Back on the exercise ball today and eating well still so yay.. about to hop on my bike and take Jett down to the lake to swim for awhile then bike back to the house after we get tired of that. :) Hope everyone else is having a good Monday! :)

Since I didn't get my workout in yesterday, that makes today the final day of my 30 day shred workout! I'll be on it right after dinner tonight and sweating my butt off I'm sure! :) Can't wait to feel the burn on that one and push as hard as I can to finish this up with a bang! :)


  1. How much did you lose doing the 30 day shred?? Were you doing just the shred, or something else too?

  2. I lost 12 lbs while doing the shred. I did morning cardio for about 30 mins everyday and also rode my bike or swam or went walking in the afternoons then did the shred at night after dinner. I feel like if I hadnt as slipped up on eating out at some buffets a couple times during the course of this then I could have lost quite a bit more. I am doing Jillian Michaels Biggest Loser Last Chance Workout now and its twice as hard and I'm dropping weight like crazy. love it!