Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Done with the Shred, on to Last Chance Workout...

If anyone is looking for something after their done with the shred to keep your ass in high gear and kicked in to blasting away those calories... try Jillian Michaels Biggest Loser Last Chance Workout. Its got a 6 week long schedule that tells you which exercises to do on what days and you always get Sundays off. Its' like 30-35 minutes each day and every other day you switch between the actual workout and between toning exercises for lower and upper body. Then every 2 weeks you move up to a diff level. The first last chance workout has 6 circuits in it! I'll be surprised if the scale doesn't say i lost at least 1 lb tomorrow. :) I was dripping sweat sooo bad tonight. i seriously need a sweatband! I'm tired of sweating in to my eyes and it burning and then i cant see. lol


  1. Hey, Bondiband sent me an extra, if you send me your address its yours! it is like a tan color and says "RUN" in hot pink
    just email me if you want it

  2. omg YOU'RE MY HERO!!!!!!!!!! <3<3

    lol. totally sending you my addy now! Thanks so much!!! :)