Friday, June 10, 2011

Swimming, FTW!

So... I've quickly come to realize that swimming is something that burns a whole ton of calories!

The last few times I've gone swimming for any great length of time, I've always stepped on the scale the next day and seen at least 1 pound if not 2 come down!

Well I have to learn to not let that get the better of me like I did yesterday. We went to hurricane harbor and I did well most of the day. I also made sure to swim laps through the lazy river instead of just floating on by the whole time. I got my heart pumping and could feel the workout I was getting. Then my mom asks me where we should eat afterwards and I totally caved when she suggested Golden Corral. That place is amazing, but as a fatty, a buffet is never your true friend! You will love it and bask in it like a pig in mud all the while you are there, then 10 mins later you're aching to go to the bathroom because you ate so much you just might spew. And if you manage to make enough room in your body to eat another plate, you will! Because your addiction to food is unrelenting!!! Oh god...

Well... I did manage to keep it to one plate of food and only went back a 2nd time to grab some rolls. I know... still a terrible decision. haha. And I sat at the table for 20 mins debating whether I should let myself or not. I tried hard to talk myself out of it but in the end, my mind lost that fight. I was like... well you swam all day and so you are hungry and you burned soo many calories... so yeah.. eat that roll! lol.. Because I never eat rolls any other time. Not at home. Not at other places out to eat. Only at Golden Corral. I know, not a good enough excuse. But I totally used it. I admit that was a hugely poor decision. I thought about not even telling you guys or blogging here about it. But I ultimately decided, I said I was going to stay true to myself and keep a real log of my entire journey so that includes all the downs as well as the ups!

On top of all the running around yesterday, I didn't manage to find the time to do my 30 day shred. :( I really wanted so bad to do 30 days in a row! But I was too exhausted to move when I got home, so I didnt.

Today when I woke up, I was not looking forward to my weigh-in at all. I was dreading seeing the numbers. I knew the last time I pigged out at a buffet I went up 5 lbs in one day! I thought for sure I had gone up at least 2 or 3 and was scared to open my eyes and see where I was at today, but I knew it needed to be done. The scale gods smiled upon me though and I only went up 0.7 lbs! I'm still 216 as I was yesterday morning, thankfully! However I know that I will not always be so lucky. I need to stop making excuses and start making better choices when it comes to how I eat at buffets. I have been able to control myself at home and at other resturaunts. Its just those darn buffets!!! Ugh. I'm going to try and stay away from them at all costs, but eventually I will have to face them again someday and I hope then I am stronger than I was last night.

Anyways... I went on to doing my 30 day shred today and it was finally time for me to move up to level 3. After slacking so bad on my eating habits yesterday, I was in full mindset to say BRING IT ON!! So I got ready and pressed play. Holy cow this was intense!! I knew it would be hard, but man.. situps?!! I was not expecting that for some reason. lol. What I was even more shocked over though, I DID THEM!!! I've never been able to do any kind of situps worth a damn my entire life. Not even as a kid in gym class. I totally sucked at those. But today I did them. Of course, I followed Anita today, but I'm going to work my way up to being able to do the same as Natalie!! Woohoo! I am so pumped.

I had a shitty night last night, but thankfully the swimming made up a lot of ground and today has been started off well. I'm going to try and continue to get as much swimming as I can done this summer and keep pushing through all my workouts. I will reach my goals on time and I will not let another buffet stop me!!


  1. I wish they would open our damn pool. I mean really it it the middle of June people!

    Can't wait to get my pool work-out on!!!

  2. Been doing a lot of swimming at the lake this summer too! :)