Friday, June 24, 2011

Exploring my neighborhood...

One of the cool things about this journey to healthy living is all the new adventures I've been going on lately. Walking or biking around our neighborhoods around here I get a little bored of going to the same places all the time so every now and then I venture out in to slightly new territory, or place I haven't seen since I rode the bus there back in high school or whatever. lol. Yesterday I discovered that there's a whole new nieghborhood built behind another one that I had never seen before and it backs up to another neighborhood that is on the complete opposite side of us so instead of just going out and then turning around and biking home I got to bike in one huge circle all the way back around to my house. That was kinda cool. :)

What's even cooler that I found out today though is in a whole different direction we rode off in to we happened across a park! OMG! Yes! I've been saying for months now how awesome it would be if there was a park open to the public within biking/walking distance from my house. And its been there apparently, haha! Amazing what opening your eyes a little will show you...

I stopped and let Jett out to play and he was just as surprised and excited as I was to see we found a park! I only wish it had some slides. It's got a fort you can climb up on top of but you have to climb back down or hang off the monkey bars and Jett isn't quite strong enough for those yet. He also needed me spotting him to make sure he climbed back down without slipping through the ladder or ropes. But there were some swings and that's awesome. There was also a very nice gazebo with picnic tables and a bar inside of it and lots of outlet plugs. I'm seriously considering this as a new idea for Jett's birthday party this August. On the other side of the gazebo was some steaks spaced out perfectly for a game of horseshoes. Now I wonder where I can find some plastic horse shoes that the kids could play with and not knock each other out. lol.

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