Saturday, June 4, 2011

A new type of motivation...

So I decided that since I keep dropping weight and changing my clothing size that I needed new clothes, but I figure they wont fit for very long so I dont want to spend money on anything really until after I'm down to the right size. Well I won this pair of denim shorts on for free and they are a size 14. I figure I will eventually be able to wear them but I wanted to take a picture of what they look like on me now and how far up I could get them and then be able to take a picture of them later when they fit and then another picture when they are too big for me to wear anymore! :) Just one more motivating factor for me... So here are the first pics... Yikes.. look at all that excess fat around my hips... scary!

I started off wearing 24 and even some 26. And now I am fitting great in to 18s. (I tried some on at walmart last night just to find out what size fit me best now, lol) So we'll see how long this takes...


  1. You look so great, seriously!
    You're coming a very long way, keep it up girl!

  2. lol, i find this an odd picture for someone to comment that on, haha but either way, thanks so much! i feel so much lighter too!

  3. Odd Pic??? are you kidding me??? It's an AWESOME idea, what a great motivational tool (just like you said)....

    Keep it up girl, can't wait to see when they fit!!!

  4. haha, well thanks bonnie! :)