Sunday, June 5, 2011

Doing the unimaginable...

So when I began this adventure many months ago, I wrote down a list of things I wanted to be able to do by the end of it all. Some things have been accomplished, while others I still long for. I can now cross my legs again. I can ride any ride I want to at six flags. I can buckle car seat belts with ease. However I'm still yearning to be able to zip up a nice pair of knee high boots over these huge calves, lol.

There are things I couldn't imagine I wanted to do though and never even thought that I would ever consider them again in my life. Such as, a cartwheel. This wouldn't have occurred to me at all as something I missed being able to do when I was younger and fit enough, but on the finale of Dancing with the Stars this past season I saw Kirstie Alley do one. She did amazing on the show and along the process of dancing her way to the top, she literally danced her ass off. lol. She looked damn good and I was pleasantly surprised when I heard her say she was trying to maintain 1200 calories a day, just the same as me. For some reason its really awesome to hear that even famous people have the same struggles as the rest of us. Anyways... she did this cartwheel and I was like whoa... now that's something I hadn't even thought of aiming to do again. Well, at the time I saw it I still didn't ever think I would be down to a size small enough where I would feel comfortable doing such a thing. Besides all that its something silly and nothing I necessarily need to accomplish at any point.

Well, I never really planned on being able to do a cartwheel again, but I did. I just did one today. I spent most of the day after my workouts just housecleaning and arranging things to tidy up. Just a few moments ago as I scanned across my clean living room floor I happened to suddenly realize how spacious the floor was now and thought to myself, hmm... I think I'll do a cartwheel. Then I did! It wasn't perfect, but it was most definitely a cartwheel. I'm not sure what came over me, but I liked it. :)


  1. You did a cartwheel in your house? That's fucking amazing!!! Good for you!!!.....what ever came over you keep it up, cause it's making you happy, and that's all that matters!

  2. Hahahah! I know, totally crazy, right? lol. but it sure was fun and i had a huge sense of accomplishment and had to rush in here and tell you guys! :)

  3. that is so cool. I totally watched Kirstie on DWTS I even voted for her. Congrats on your accomplishments.

  4. Thanks terbear! I loved Kirstie, but I'm glad Hines won. He totally deserved it. But this was such a tough season!! I loved Chelsea from the very first episode so I'm really glad she made it to the end! I wish Romeo made it farther, though. He really improved greatly each round.