Thursday, June 30, 2011

Good news and bad news...

I wrote this yesterday and then blogger decided to go apeshit so I just saved it to LJ so i could post this here later. Finally blogger is up and running again yay!.

Today has had some highs and some lows... I'm going to try my hardest to focus on the good things though and so lets start with the bad so I can end on a good note.

Got a phone call from the temp agency saying I was not selected for the job I've been trying to get for months now. This is my 3rd attempt in the last couple years and though I'm not giving up just yet, my chances keep looking slimmer. Hopefully another class will open sometime later this year or early next so I can try again.

My mom said something aweful to me in front of my entire family and my sister laughed about it becuase she thought it was hilarious. I was highly offended but left speechless and just stood there looking like an idiot because I knew if I did open my mouth I'd have just pissed everyone else off even more and furthered outcast myself which I thought from this standpoint already would be pretty hard to do any farther. Just one of those things that's stupid and shouldn't matter but if you know me and my family and how we relate to each other... you just might understand why this is such bad news.

I was too busy to workout this morning becuase I was getting ready to leave the house as soon as possible to go spend time with a friend. Of course being there all day I didnt have time to workout in the afternoon either. Then after I ate dinner I ended up making everyone else's dinner and then Jett was being horrendous so I sent him to bed and cam over here to get some things done online before planning on starting my evening workout. 4 hours later and I'm still on this computer. ughhh. Excuses! It's 11pm though and so I'm just going to bed and tomorrow will be a new and better day.

now thats out of the way...


I stepped on the scale today and saw this...

209!!! That means for Weigh-in Wednesday I'm down a total of 3 lbs from last week. After seeing that I went to my closet and grabbed a pair of size 16 capris and pulled them on confidently! :)

Spent time with a good friend today and his little girl because Jett has been wanting to go see them for awhile and I finally had some free time to do so. It's always great when I get to have adult conversation and catch up on whats going on in the world around me. lol.

and tonight on Listia I won some really awesome converse shoes that I can't wait to get and wear! I talked her into giving me them with free shipping if I bid 500 credits or more and she was totally willing to do that so yay!

Trying to look on the brightside about my biggest dissapointment of the day... not getting that job I so desperately wanted... well, more like needed... at least I no longer am worrying and wondering whether or not I'll still be able to have as much free time to keep going strong and doing as much working out as I have been so far. I know that everything happens for a reason, and it's just not my time for that job. Someone else must have needed it more in their life right now than I do. I will try to take comfort in knowing that I have food and shelter and will keep doing my best to still search for more in my life for me and my son.


Today was like ten times better though. Anddd I'm 208.2 now! :)


  1. Congrats on the 208 girl!!!!!!......

    and shitty about your family, great attitude about it though, keep it up!!!!