Monday, June 6, 2011

Looking good and feeling great!

So as I mentioned in an earlier post... I decided to try on some clothes the otehr night just to see what size I'm wearing now. I am around 4 to 5 sizes smaller than what I was wearing 5 months ago!

Here is an old college shirt of mine and an old skirt i used to wear 24/7. Havent worn these items since about 2007!

These are some brand new clothes at walmart that I tried on to see where I'm at. Picked them off the rack and they fit right away. There was no going back and trying 6 or 7 different things until something fit me right! Size 1x top and size 18 capris! There was also a white tank underneath the blouse that was a juniors 15/17.

And these are just some Hello Kitty Sunglasses I made the other night, lol. But some friends of mine told me my face looked skinny here so I had to share! :)

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