Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Amazing what putting your mind to work can do

It truly amazes me how putting forth a little extra effort can give you a whole lot of results. I used to feel like all I had to do was the physical if I wanted to see a change, and that is hard all on its own. But I've really come to understand its sooo much more than that. Putting your mind in the right place should be the absolute first step in any life changing decision you are going to make for yourself. It sounds so easy when you put it that way, almost as if you feel stupid for not thinking of it right off the bat. However, its not as easy as it sounds. In fact, its a lot more difficult.

I am very proud of how far I've come in such a little amount of time and I have so many influences to thank for this. I think the most important ones though are the ones that affect how my mind thinks and approaches this new challenge in my life. It's very easy for me to tell someone that they need to get their mind in the right place to go on this journey to a healthier lifestyle. It's very hard to explain how to do that. I'm not really sure I can. Its probably just one of those things in life that take time to realize...

Anyways... :)

I am soooo excited today! I finally reached 229 lbs! I have been saying for years now that I would give anything to be back in the 220s range like I was before I was pregnant. I would look at old pictures of myself and think man, I was a lot prettier than I gave myself credit for and I should have had more confidence back then because of it. I would think about how much of a huge blob I had become since then and just get depressed and keep wishing I knew how to change back to the old me. Well I'm so happy I've made it to the 220s! Just 4 more lbs and I will be at my pre-pregnancy weight exactly. I can't wait to say, wow I haven't looked this good and been this healthy in over 3 years!

The closer I get to these smaller goals of mine, the more real it feels that I could be at my goal weight in less than 1 years time. I'm feeling amazing today and going to kick butt on all my workouts and push just that much harder! Going to keep eating right and not let myself get distracted by things that don't really matter. :)

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