Sunday, April 3, 2011

Moving along

I'm slowly inching my way forward and continuing to progress. I'm at 240 lbs now and been doing plenty of exercise. My biggest hurdle is eating right whenever I'm gone from the house for too long. I'll slip and say well I can have a little of this and then I'm like well I had a little of this so it wont be so bad if I have a little of that and then the day spirals downward. But I'm still firm in believing that every day is a new chance to right my wrongs and improve my choices. I got lucky yesterday in that while we were out all day long, we were at the zoo so we walked and walked and walked for hours on end. Lots of good healthy cardio to burn all the extra calories I was eating. However if I had just ate well I could be burning the fat that is already on my body. Thinking about it now jsut gives me more drive to want to do better next time though.

I got a chance to video chat with Marci from IUTBF on Friday night. She was able to answer some more of our questions and it was really cool to just talk to her as if we were face to face. She's a very real and normal, even typical, 19 year old girl. We discussed things about the show and then moved on to plenty of other fun topics and all in all, she's a really awesome girl. She even mentioned right off the bat when she saw me come in the chatroom that she recognized my name and saw me always posting on her page and the other cast members and the IUTBF facebook too. lol. So that was cool that she sorta knew who I was. Jett popped up in the background of my camera a few times and she had to say how cute he was. lol. Once I finally figured out my microphone problems and got to talking she commented on my voice saying 'No wonder you've got a baby, with a sexy voice like that it'd be hard not to if someone was alone in the dark with you.' hahah. I had a great time talking with her and the few other fans who popped in to the room, but I stayed up way too late and was tired all day at the zoo Saturday. lol.


  1. You inspire me! I started a diet the first of January and two weeks ago I fell in to a depression about certain things so I started binge eating again :( I just got done eating junk food today, I wish I came to your blog before that because now I'm ready to turn my life around. Thank you. I'm going to keep following up on your blog. You're gonna do it, your going to reach your goals!

  2. Aww thanks so much. I love love LOVE hearing that what I'm doing isn't just helping me, it's helping others around me. That's one of the best feelings and in turn one of the best motivators to keep doing well on my journey. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment and let me know! :) I'm sure you will do well and reach your goals soon with a positive attitude like that.