Saturday, April 30, 2011

Being hard on myself

I have come so far and I know I've got a long way to go still, but I think its important for me to take some time to really let this all soak in and realize what an accomplishment it is to have gotten to where I'm at. Lately I feel myself seeing all these changes and being so excited that I've made them but the first thoughts in my head immediately afterwards are okay now just 5 more here and 10 more there and I can keep looking better and better. I feel like what I've done so far isn't good enough.

I think we are all too hard on ourselves, but at the same time i think its just because we are so frustrated with ourselves because we see where we are at and know that we could be doing better. We just havent figured out a way to get there, yet.

I'm working on getting there. And its true, where I'm at is still not healthy so its not exactly 'good enough'. But I'm not giving up or quitting. I just think that if this was anyone else, I would be telling them how beautiful they are and how amazing all their efforts so far have been. I'd tell them to be proud of where they've come from and to not worry so much about the end result because it's the journey in life that really matters, not the destination. In the end, we all die. The same theory should apply to any journeys we take though. Enjoy the ride...

I should be giving myself the same respect I give others. It's a little easier said than done sometimes but I'm going to try harder to do this more often.

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