Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dragging ass

Yup... thats how I feel lately. I've been draggin ass the last few days. lol. Not been doing too great on the eating or the exercising which is really stupid because the only reason for me to go off track was because I saw the scale go up a little tiny bit and it depressed me so much I got off track. Now that's just ridiculous and I know it. I was doing so well going down a pound a day there over the weekend and down to 235 but today after 2 days of moping around i am back up to 237. Blah!

But I am lucky its not higher considering how poorly I ate last night. Oh man... it was so bad! but I got myself back on track today and worked my butt off. Still wasnt feeling the greatest, but better than before.

I just checked Liz's blog though and she extended the weightloss contest she was holding for one more month! Those who joined sent in pictures and weight and measurements back in January and the contest was supposed to end April 20th, but now its open til May 20th. So this brings me all new motivation to get back on track and kick it in to high gear so I can drop as many more pounds as possible in just over a months time. I'm feeling good about that and think if I can keep my mind in the right place I can really give some of those other contestants a run for their money! :)

lol. I honestly have no idea where the other contestants are at though so we'll see...

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