Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Been a busy last few days with all the Easter stuff going on around here but I've still managed to keep up with exercising. That kickboxing thing is really kicking my ass. but I love it. I'm always pouring sweat when its all over with, lol.

Yesterday was my mom's birthday and while she was out having lunch and a movie with my dad I was to make her birthday cake. Of course it was too tempting not to sample the mix and the frosting. ugh! I havent eaten cake since before I started all this and so of course the second I could see and smell it I was like OMG cake! lol. Then they get home and I find out they went to red lobster and they brought back a huge ass sack full of left over cheddar biscuits and the most chocolately tripple chocolate huge slice of cake i've ever seen. Told me to take a bite to try it and I couldnt refuse that. lol. I had one of the cheddar biscuits even though I tried to talk myself out of it. I said screw it because I get to eat anything from red lobster maybe once in 3 years at most. hah. Then Jett starting bringin me piles of easter candy to open for him and of course i didnt want him to eat that much at once so i only gave him a few pieces and while im sitting around watching one of our new netflix movies i find myself mindless noming the other candies he left in my lap! So needless to say, yesterday's eating habits did me in. I was down to 230 and hoping to be at 229 today but after eating all that I figured I'd not be there yet. I wasnt sure how bad it was but stepped no the scale today and it was up 3 lbs! ugh!!! but i worked my butt off in today's workouts and have been eating perfectly all day so far, and checked my weight again, im already back down a little over a pound. So hopefully with a little extra hard work it won't take me too long to get back to where I was. Thankfully I am not taking it as hard as I did this last time. I think its because I know aunt flow is due any day now and i've been craving sweets all week so I figured I was bound to be up a little at some point. lol.

Anyways, heres to kicking ass the rest of today and keeping it up tomorrow. :)

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