Saturday, July 23, 2011


I found an old picture of me wearing that swimsuit I bought at the end of 2006. This picture was from summer of 2007 at six flags. lol, I cropped out sylvester and wile e. coyote.

and this is the picture i took last week. I told you i look better in it now than i did when i bought it! lol.

I know my arms are bigger because i've got lots of loose skin there now but my tummy is much flatter than it was then! and my face is thinner too!


  1. You look great! Love the tattoos too :D

  2. isn' t it awesome when you can see the progress!!!

  3. thanks!! those were actually the last 2 tatts i got done and they were in july of 2007. Got pregnant with jett a few months later and have been too broke to get any more! but im dying to have at least one sleeve. lol

    and yesss bonnie. i saw that old pic and was like oh snap!! look at that chubby little kid. haha. also felt like my chest looked very naked without my stars. haha

  4. wow jen! you look absolutely amazing! i'm jealous! lol. :)