Sunday, July 31, 2011


Ugh... yeah birthday party today. i had way too much cake. i havent had anyt cake in forever and yeah totally ate too much of it today. also had a horrible eating habits day yesterday that i don't even care to talk about. There are 2 birthday parties next saturday and then jett's birthday is the next weekend and then the weekend after that is another birthday party we have to attend. so yeah... no more cake for me this month. lol. just a tiny bite at jett's party and i know i can do that.

i had a crazy crazy weekend this past weekend and im glad its finally over. time to start fresh tomorrow! :)


  1. Days like that happen. Like you said start fresh tomorrow. Go get it!

  2. thanks diane! i have the perfect plan now. gonna post about it! woot

  3. STay with your plan. That cake will never taste as good as 10 pounds down and new cute jeans will feel!