Wednesday, July 27, 2011

So yeah I've been slacking on my fatsecret page but I've decided I want to start using it again. I've gotten to where i mostly know what calorie amounts are in which things now and so I was just jotting down numbers on a scratch pad i have in the kitchen. I think it will be nice to keep the food log online though and see what food choices I've made overall for each day and keep myself more accountable for them all.

Anyone who wants to friend me on there or send a message or whatever, my username is jen112685



  1. I too, have recently gone back to tracking everything. I like fatsecret too, but I am using SparkPeople for my food tracking. Congratulations to you!

  2. thanks hon. but of course ive been gone all weekend out of the house so havent logged! lol. maybe i can do better with it tomorrow. i have a sparkpeople account too i believe. :)