Sunday, July 10, 2011

I got a new water bottle today!

Those are just a few pictures I found online of what mine looks like. I was reading an article recently about how it being better to drink out of a metal water bottle instead of getting plastic bottles all the time and making more waste ya know. I mean, I already knew these things... but i was just reading lots of info and came across that, too. Also there is no BPA in the metal bottles and they stay colder longer. Well I reused my plastic bottles all the time anyways so they weren't really going to waste but I saw the exact bottle the person was talking about and decided I had to have it.. Its a breast cancer awareness bottle with a cool straw on the top and its stainless steel so yay. Like 10% of my 5 bucks is going to the breast cancer people so sweet deal. The real seller for me though was the straw. I didn't want a bottle I would have to constantly take the lid on and off to drink. That's what I loved about the plastic water bottles I used to buy is that they had a cool top with a flip open lid I could flick on and of with ease to drink and then cover back up to keep dust out, etc..


  1. I so have that water bottle! I have it in blue and brown. They are great! They sweat every now and then when it is really humid, but they are better at staying dry than a plastic bottle, and they keep the water colder longer! Plus, it is better for the environment! :)
    Great pick!


  2. Awesome! I'm really thinking about getting one for my son since he loves to bite the crap out of all his straws and tear them up. im thinking he wont be able to mess this one up!! i didnt see brown though only blue and pink ones but i got blue. lol

  3. I've been thinking about getting a bottle like this too. I like yours!

  4. Thanks hon, you totally should! lets all be super eco friendly and have awesomely cute bottles that stay extra cold for super long! did i use enough adjectives in that last sentence? lol