Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Independence day!

I know I'm a day late... lol. but better late than never, right? Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and was able to steer clear of too many disastrous food options. Even if you didn't succeed at that, though its a new day and time to start fresh.

Lucky me I had my monthly visitor show up yesterday and its been a weekend full of temptations! There was cake and mcdonalds and mexican resturaunts... quite a bumpy road that I wasn't sure I'd be able to conquer. I did indulge more than I would have liked to, however I am proud of the little accomplishments like only eating maybe 1/4th the serving i would have in the past of such things as chips and salsa or super salty french fries. I really wish I could have resisted them completely but I knew Aunt flo was due to arrive any day and my eyes just took over! Excuses, I know... but hopefully admitting my hurdles here will remind me to do better next time and try harder so I won't feel so guilty. All in all I am still 208 so thank goodness for not gaining.

About to start making a shopping list for some groceries I know I need to pick up at some point tomorrow afternoon. So far I just have the usual things we use that we're out of and need more of right now but I really want to pick up some new things I either havent tried before or haven't tried in a long time. Who has any great ideas for healthy food choices I should add to my list? I'm in the mood to try out some new recipes... getting tired of eating the same old things...

oh and look what i got in the mail today... my first bondiband!!! woot!


  1. Yes!!! Thank you so much, I LOVE IT! :)

  2. I'm glad!!!!!!! They work so great!!!

  3. Jealous.....I'm still waiting on mine.....Canada's post was on strike for a while so no one was getting mail.....hope it's here soon, can wait to try it!!!

  4. Oh snap... post on strike?? what a bummer!