Friday, August 5, 2011


Yeah so I finally got a free moment and decided today was the day I was gonna take my first chance at 'running'. Of course it was more like a jogging and then walking intervals type thing. But I went 1.34 miles and if I had to guess I actually jogged half of it. But... I'm a slow jogger. lol. So yeah 21:01:06 is my official time. Ya gotta start somewhere! :)

Boy it sure was hot though and it was noon too so of course the sun was beating down on my like a mad man with temps in the 110s all week I knew it had to be somewhere close to that just now. I really thought it wasn't a good idea but knew if I didn't go now I wouldn't know when the next time I had free time away form Jett long enough to try again. I just filled up my water bottle and crossed my fingers that I wouldn't pass out. lol

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