Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Another short term goal met!

I reached 185 lbs today!

Only 2 more short term goals left on the list before I make it to my big end goal of 150 lbs! I have no idea what I'm gonna look like when I hit 150 but I figure I will be able to judge myself at that point and see if I need to make more goals or just maintain. At a height of 5 foot and 5 inches tall my BMI says I am currently still obese until I reach 179 lbs and once I get to 155 lbs I will finally be in a Normal weight range... whoa... its mind boggling to me to think I could be there in just a few months time. Ahhh!!! But sooo exciting.

Then the holidays will be here and I'm going to have to make a plan and stick to it. I know I can do well and not gain if I just put my mind to it and keep my body in motion. Speaking of holidays... it's going to be Labor day weekend in a few more days! Who has plans? What are you doing? I'm sure I'll find something to do... but at the moment I have nothing on the schedule. Be safe everyone!! <3


  1. Awesome.. I used to live in Texas too....

  2. @SO FAT 4 NOW

    oh cool, Allan! I love it here, but it is a rather huge ass state. lol. Which part did you reside in and for how long?

  3. @Natoria

    Thanks Nat! Woot indeed! :) I'm feeling super pumper today and looking forward to tomorrow's Wednesday Weigh-in even if I don't lose again before then.

  4. Congratulations! You have done so well with your journey this year. I just discovered your blog, looked at your pictures, read your story, the things your want to accomplish (I would like to wear knee highs too :)) and how you're doing it and I love it! I feel so inspired right now, I want to leave work and go exercise or do something active. I can't just yet, but in another hour... Jen, you are doing great and all the stuff you're learning about how to eat healthy and be more active will be passed on to your son and he won't grow into one of America's obese. Good for both of you!

  5. Congrats Jen! You are absolutely amazing!

  6. @Tammy

    awww thank you so very much Tammy. I really hope you're right and that he never has to deal with knowing the pain of being obese or even just overweight. I want to keep him active and eating well for as long as it's my job to take care of him and hopefully it'll be so ingrained in him that he wont konw any other way to be. :)

    Glad I've inspired you and hope after work is through you get out and do something today!

  7. @fatgirlinaskinnyworld

    Thanks Taryn!! you're quite amazing yourself dear! ;)