Wednesday, August 3, 2011

An interesting evening, too...

Just had the weirdest and then coolest things in a long while just happen to me. First I got dropkicked in the face by a grasshopper that had to be like 4 inches long! I was bike riding and it surprised the hell out of me so I screamed like a little girl. lol. Then a minute later some little nice old lady slowed down in her car to stop and tell me how proud she was of me for being out riding my bike to get some exercise. Then told me to be careful not to get heat stroke in this weather. lol. I reassured her that's the reason I was out bike riding just before sunset and that there was a whole lot of water in the trailer I was pulling behind me. But man that really caught me off guard to have a stranger who knows nothing about my story stop and show such a random act of kindness. I've had many friends and family and followers tell me they are proud of me and I so appreciate it but I was almost in tears after the lady drove off because that just struck me as something more people should try to do. Give someone a random pat on the back every now and then. :)


  1. I bet you were just about in tears, what a nice thing for her to do. You are doing wonderfully!

  2. This kinda happened to me yesterday. I was out for a walk/run and a random neighbour (who NEVER talks to me) opened her front door as I was going by her house and says "your looking great, keep up the hard work!"

    Needless to say I was felt awesome!!!

  3. yeah it was pretty awesome and very sweet of her. and WTG Bonnie on getting some similar attention. We should pay it forward and say something nice to someone we don't know very well either. :)