Monday, August 8, 2011

80 lbs down!!

I am so soo close to being 100 lbs down. Only 20 left to go.. and then just 23 more to go til I reach my first big end goal of 150 lbs. It seems so attainable right now. For the first time since I've started really. It's all sinking in and I'm like... I know I calculated that if I kept up pace I could be at 150 lbs by my birthday... and so far I have managed to keep on track. I'm just really surprised. Though I should have more confidence in myself I guess. Wow! So close... 193 lbs today... can't wait to hit the 180s!!

Big shout out to Valerie on facebook who shared my success today in one of her posts and made me feel so super loved! I got so many wonderful comments and lots of new friend requests from it. lol. Hope to find out if any of them have blogs I can follow and keep up with, too!

So far my August challenge is coming a long alright but I have to admit I never did get a chance to try out 3 new recipes yet. I still want to do that even though it was last weeks challenge. I will do it sometime in August for sure! I have been drinking water like crazy though and havent yet caved to any other flavored waters or nothing. Just having my protein shakes and my water. So yay for that! How well have you guys been able to follow the challenge so far? Its beginning of week 2 now! woot!


  1. 80 pounds? You are a freakin' rock star! congrats, very happy for you. Look at that number, so amazing!

  2. so wonderful and inspiring!!!! You are doing awesome!!!!!!!!!