Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Harder than I thought...

Okay so already this August challenge has proved to be a little harder than I thought it was. Here I was thinking I could breeze on through this and feel all accomplished barely even noticing i was being challenged. Wrong! lol. I mean so far the jumping jacks haven't phased me. I was right in thinking Jillian had toughened me up with enough of those to learn to love them. They are like my favorite exercise. But what I gave up for the month... all drinks but water... that's much tougher than I thought!

My mom of course brings home 3 big boxes full of this new kind of Powerade zero calorie drink that was on sale for real cheap and tells me i can have as many as i want and i want to try them so bad but I knew better than to just be like oh thanks and not mention that i wasn't going to be drinking them. lol. I made sure I told her that I've joined a challenge and I'm only drinking water until September and so now I'm held accountable that way, too.

I feel like I should mention though that I am still drinking my protein shakes! Gotta keep my muscles strong still! :)


  1. You will do great, and will figure out what is best for you....

    Good luck!!!