Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Vanity or Confidence?

Hmmm... it's kinda hard for me to tell the difference lately! I feel sooo vain these days. I am not afraid of people randomly snapping pictures of me at all because its like... I know I will look damn good in any picture taken no matter the angle! bwahaha. Maybe not to everyone, but for sure to me who is used to just seeing a big blob in all her old pictures and wanting to burn them all! lol.

I had to wake up early to go to child support court this morning but after that was all said and done I walked around at the park that was there near the building i was in. According to CardioTrainer App I got in 1.6 miles. This brings me to a total of 10.8 miles for the week. only 10.2 miles left to go! And I still have to walk tonight after dinner. :D

When I finished that I went to walmart to pick up a few groceries but before I did that I decided I wanted to try on some clothes just for fun since I didn't have Jett with me and I was curious as to what sizes I can fit in to right now. It's crazy how much sizes fluctuate in different brands and things though. I was wearing a 17 in juniors jeans but in women's i was wearing a 14. I managed to also fit into a Medium (8-10) dress. But on average I was wearing Large (12-14) tops and 14/16 bottoms. Here's a couple pics because I'm so vain now that I couldnt resist. lol.

oh and no I haven't cut my hair yet. I keep telling everyone I'm going to sometime soonish. It's just folded up in a ponytail so i could try on clothes with less hassle. lol.

After I came home from the store I tried a new dish I saw another person on facebook (Sorry I can't remember who!) post about yesterday. Omg it was sooo delicious! And just 269 calories. I think I might even have it again tomorrow. lol. Yellow corn tortilla topped with avacado, tomatoes, corn, and black beans.

Btw, I was 189.0 today for Weigh-in Wednesday. 0.8 down from yesterday, 3 lbs down from Monday! But only 1 lb down from last week. Oh well. I'm still super happy to be in the 180s. Woot Woot!


  1. That confidence is beautiful, congrats!

  2. gorgeous <3 we wear the same size :) & the clothes are adorable (:

  3. thanks hon! I didnt actually buy any because im broke and dont want to spend money on clothes that wont fit anymore in a few months. lol. but i really really wanted those jeans!! maybe i can talk my mom in to buying them for me? lol.

    but im excited. i used to wear size 24/26 just a few months ago it seems...