Friday, August 19, 2011

50th follower Giveaway!

So to my pleasant surprise yesterday when I logged on to check my dashboard I saw that I now have exactly 50 blog followers! I've noticed some of my fellow bloggers doing giveaways for reaching so many followers or whatever so I decided it would be fun for me to do the same! I've never really written this blog for anyone more than just me, but I am very happy to know some of you find it a worthwhile read and hopefully it helps at least one other person. That would be enough to make me happy. lol.

Anyways here is what I'm giving away! I somehow got signed up somewhere with the National Institute of Health and National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute and so they send me some really cool bracelets. They are basically just big blue rubber bands but they say "We Can!" on them and I thought they would make for a wonderful giveaway to keep up positivity on our journeys to healthier living. :)

And yeah I'm one of those girls who leaves her nail polish on until it entirely chips away by itself. Lol.

Here are the rules of my giveaway!

Be a follower of my blog and comment to enter with your name (Sorry I don't know everyone's names yet) and then tell me one of your non-scale goals that you hope to accomplish by the time you've changed your lifestyle for the better.

To receive extra entries you may do any or all of the following. You must leave a separate comment for each that you do though so it will count as another entry!:

1.) Refer a friend to my blog, if they leave a comment saying you sent them it counts as an entry for them and for you.

2.) Follow me on Twitter. @poisonedpenguin I don't really post often there just random pictures while I'm out walking with Jett or something.

3.)Be my friend on facebook. This is my personal facebook. I don't have a special one where I only talk about my journey. I just talk about anything and everything here. Please for the love of god send me a message telling me you found me on this blog though so I don't just deny you. lol. I get lots of random weird freind requests out of the blue and my page is private so its not just open to anyone.

4.) Share this giveaway on your blog, on your twitter, or on your facebook. If you want to do all 3 then you may leave 3 separate comments to get 3 different entries.

5.) Leave a comment with some form of positive inspiration that motivates you to keep on going. It can be something you've learned along the way, a picture, a quote, anything. :)

Giveaway officially ends at Noon Central time one week from today which is Friday August 26th 2011. I will select a winner using Your comments will be numbered in order of how you left them. I will post a screenshot from to show which number wins. Depending on how many people enter, it is up to my discretion if I should choose to announce more than one winner. If there are referrals to my blog, there will most likely be another winner chosen for most referrals. Winner should receive their prize within 1 week if they live in the USA. Give me between 3-4 weeks if you live somewhere else!


  1. awww what a lovely idea... i would love to do something similar but have nothing to give away lol perhaps in time. Anyway I just sent u a fbook friend request I dont talk about weightloss or this blog on there either so we'll keep it all hush hush. ;)

  2. as for my nonscale victory- hmm thats a toughie..I suppose I would like to get over the insecurities I have about going sleeveless.. Id like to do it before reaching goal because its more of a mental thing :0)

  3. NSV-to ride all the rides with my kids at the amusement parks. I'm one of your new followers!!

  4. NSV - To be able to go on all the rides with my stepdaughter when we take her to Disneyland because her daddy is a big ol' whimp and wont go on them

  5. My favorite inspirational quote is one I've posted on my blog: "The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it's too low and we reach it"

    Reminds me that I need to push myself because if I only do what I know I can do, I never will know what I COULD do.

  6. I have also mentioned your giveaway in my blog :)

  7. Carbie Girl - sorry I don't know your name yet, thats why I asked for people to post their names please too because I'm really trying to learn ya'lls names! :) I'm Jen by the way for those who didn't know. haha. I'm going to fix my blog up and make it known somewhere... I have just now been comfortable with going sleeveless. Its refreshing. but I'm now trying to figure out how long it'll take for me to be comforatble in a tube top. haha.

    Sharon - That was one of the things on my list here! I am so glad I can finally do this now!!! Good luck and hope you'll be able to soon too!

    FGIASW - Sorry don't recall your name either. Disneyland sounds amazing! We're planning to head to Disney World in 2013 when Jett is old enough to really enjoy and remember it. And omg I love that quote. Seen lots similar to it and the message is loud and clear. We should all learn to expect more of ourselves. We can be as great as we think we can.

  8. Bonnie

    My big NSV would be to wear a bathing suit and not give a shit....and to paint my toe nails without having to hold my

  9. NSV is having people say "Hey skinny!" or "Wow, you're looking skinny!"

  10. Referred to your blog by fatgirlinaskinnyworld.

    A NSV? I guess I'm looking forward to the eventual disintigration of my Mommy pouch.

  11. Natoria. A NSV of mine is to completely run a 5k next May.

  12. I'm following you on Twitter. bamaredsoxchick

  13. Bonnie - I finally fit in to my old swimsuit and it rocks my socks so much to be able to do that! lol

    Jobee - ITs amazing to hear simple things like that. I went out to be social last night and seen lots of old friends i hadnt seen in several months and kept getting the hey skinny remarks. i was like omg you guys stop! haha but dont stop! lol

    Kla- What's your name hon? I too look forward to the day the mommy pouch is gone but oh dear god I have no idea how much longer that one will take. I know it'll involved lots of toning exercises!

    Natoria - I soooo want to look up a 5k in my area and try one out someday. I'm a little bit scared to though. lol

  14. Becca from 24nomore. One NSV I want is to be able to ride the Roger Rabbit ride at Disneyland that I was too fat to ride with my daughter on in 2005 and they made her go by her poor little 5 year old self and scared her!! I can't wait to tell Roger Rabbit to kiss my SMALL A$$!

  15. I sent you a friend request on facebook. I talk about my weightloss but nobody on there knows about my blog, so I get ya :)

  16. I saw this on Courtney Crozier's fb page (from the Biggest Loser). It's a Jillian Michael's quote.

    "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail."

    I LOVE IT!!

  17. Alright guys the giveaway is nearing it's end. Thanks for all the wonderful comments! I love you guys! I am going to be gone today at noon when I originally intended to put an end to this contest however iut is now 10:45 central time so I will check back later and if there are any comments posted in the next hour and 15 minutes after this one then they will be included in the drawing, too. I will post the results in a new blog post later tonight! :)

  18. I want a bracelet !!!
    That is all..