Friday, August 26, 2011

It's Friday, Friday, Friday!

Woot. Got that stuck in your heads now don't you? :P

Just a reminder - there is roughly 1 hour left in my giveaway! Feel free to go get a few last minute entries in! I will announce the winner later tonight. :)

Anyways... I've had a spectacular week so far. I reached 187 lbs yesterday and am here still today and happy as a clam for the time being. Yay! haha.

I forgot to mention the other day... when I walked around the park just to have some me time before i had to get groceries and then head back home to be with Jett again, I ended up talking to myself and letting my weight really sink in saying over and over "one-eighty-nine, one-eight-nine! omg im 189!" lmao. it was kind of a shock to the system to really realize that i've made it to the 180s. For a while there just was saying "One hundred" over and over. I sometimes still think I'm a 200+ lbs girl and so that is just a huge deal for me. I know I hit One-derland back in July but It's taken me this long to really get it through to my head. These mental changes are a lot harder to come by!

In other news I got to try out TurboJam for the first time yesterday. My bestie Ashley's neighbor owns like 6 dvd's (actually one of them is on 2 discs so technically 7) and she said it was alright if we made copies of them! So me and Ashley spent all yesterday afternoon burning copies so we can do them whenever we want. We tried one called Fat Blaster right after that and boy was it FUN! Omg.. the most fun workout I've ever done so far actually! The instructor is very upbeat and really gets into it. It was super fast paced though and so I was very surprised at how well I kept up with it for the first time though. I did have a few slips of course but all in all not bad! I wanted to be there in that classroom with her! haha. I was laughing the whole time and just really enjoying myself. If I wasn't so broke and jobless I would totally go out and buy more of those DVDs. Though, I definitely recommend TurboJam to any of you who haven't tried it yet!


  1. I might have to check out turbojam!

  2. You totally should! I wonder if maybe there might be s little bit of it on youtube somewhere? I haven't looked yet...