Thursday, August 11, 2011

Being a team player...

I feel like a good blogger today. Not because I have anything to post about in particular, lol. But because I not only read every single one of the blogs I follow, but I commented on any of the newest posts. :)

We can all use a little comment love from time to time. But I didn't even feel like I was forced into commenting like I sometimes do. I just generally had something I wanted to say. :)

Goodday to you all in blogland and I hope you find Thursday a success! :)


  1. I have those days too! I read a lot of them, but don't always comment. We know we're out there.

  2. Thanks for your comments! They mean a lot!

  3. Congrats on your weight loss! I admit Ive been lurking for a few months now, when I came across your website from a google search re that show I Use To Be Fat. Anyways! I poke my head in once awhile and see how your doing, since Ive been dieting too. :) Im at -40 lbs. I have to admit that I always kinda wondered how tall you are? Anyways have a wonderful weekend! - Christina

  4. Oh awesome, thanks for the comment Christina! I had noticed a lot of the google search results that end up showing people here were coming from where I was talking about Marci lol. I'm glad you've kept up with me some and decided to share. 40 lbs is a huge loss! Congrats on that!! I am 5'5 inches tall! :) I think I mentioned it somewhere but I probably didn't haha. Maybe I should go edit my first post to include that info.