Monday, February 28, 2011

Better today. :)

I feel like I have gotten back on track today. I have been at home all by myself while Jett is spending a rare occasion with his father and stepmom. I have done all 2 hours of working out already and am only up to 420 calories so far. Plenty left for dinner and a snack.

I went outside today and soaked up the sun a bit. It was very windy so it was still chilly but I refused to take off my tank and shorts. I decided that I would just have to jog and walk fast enough to keep myself warm, and I did. lol. I got bored of just jogging around the last like 5 mins of the 30 I was aiming for and decided to just dance it out. I had my headphones on and was really feelin some Destiny's Child. :)

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