Wednesday, February 16, 2011

dammit... i FAIL at food today

this morning and lunch was great but now...
i hate myself.... i just ate 2 fried chicken legs and a chicken breast. lmfao... i havent had fried chicken since like... before christmas at least, maybe ven before thanksgiving? its been a long time. my dad ran out to get some at the last minute from pop's chicken just before my mom had to get up for work and while he was gone i was trying to think of what else i could find to eat... but as soon as he got here and the smell hit me my body went into shock and my brain completely shut off. i know its a terrible god awful excuse for no damn will power. but dammit... it was delicious while i was eating it. not the thought of it is making me nauseaous. god it was sooo fatty and greasy. i brushed my teeth right away and so now im all minty and thinking about anymore chicken is just out of the picture thankfully. gosh i feel so terrible about it though i even ate it really fast and in another room so my parents couldnt see me eat it and say hey i thought you were eating healthier now? which is totally one of those things on that list of questions about are you a food addict... do you hide to eat food or hide food, etc... urgghhhh. well im done eating for the day now. just gonna drink lots and lots of water and work my butt off in my last workout. tomorrow is a new day.

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