Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Feeling the burn..

So 2 and a half weeks later and my energy level seems to be slowed down a bit. I do not think this is from being overly tired more so than it is from a little bit of boredom. I am feeling the need to change up my daily routine and try something else. I think I may do just that. So far I haven't let myself skip any workouts but I feel if I keep doing the same ones all the time then I might be more prone to want to do that in the near future. I am really looking forward to when the weather warms back up and I can get outside to do some things and also when me and my friends can all get together and go hit up the Cain Center to use their gym for $5 one day. I can't wait to see how my body will react to using equipment.

Luckily, for the time being, I am still finding lots of things to stay excited about and enough to keep pushing myself though. But this is not easy. Not that I thought it would be though either...

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