Thursday, February 24, 2011

Met my 2nd goal today!!

Oh my gosh!!! After yesterday's weigh in and how i was up and down all last week I was not expecting to meet my goal of losing 20 lbs today. But to my surprise I did! Then after I worked out I had to go the restroom like twice during my workout so I thought I'd check and see where my weight was at after all that since I watched some youtube video about how 2 cups of water equals 1 pound so not to worry too much if you are up or down a pound or whatever since it all depends on things like what you're wearing or what you've eaten already or if you've gone to the bathroom. Well when I checked the scale the second time today I was down past my 2nd goal weight that I set for myself back when I first started. Omg I'm so happy! Even if I go back up some tomorrow or whatever I still feel great and know I'm that much closer to where I want my life to be headed. :)

I had to wake up at like 4am to take my dad to the airport this morning so I ate breakfast super early and then on the way home my mom called us when she got off work and asked if we wanted to meet up so I pretty much had lunch while she was having dinner. We went to IHOP and I actually ordered something off of their Simple and Fit Menu. It was so freaking delicious, too! I think it will be my new go to menu item of choice the next time my family decides to go there. :) I'm so used to getting their chicken fried steaks but I practically have to eat barely anything all day to be able to afford enough calories to have that all in one meal. lol. Needless to say I am very proud of myself for having more will power this time and choosing something much better for me.

This is the SIMPLE & FIT Simply Chicken Sandwich w/Fresh Fruit. It said on the menu it came with lettuce, which I can't stand, so I asked her to hold that. But it didn't say anything about onions. I ended up picking those off since I don't like them either. lol. It also surprisingly came with a pickle spear. That was tasty though. :) The parmesan bread was sooo delicious and whatever seasoning they used on the chicken... O. M. G. soooo good! Only 470 calories for that entire meal. Which, considering my current meal sizes, is still a lot of calories, but its far less calories than most other things on the menu. And I am still full now at 2:30pm when I ate that around 8 or 9 this morning. I am just having my protein shake now and that should hold me until I have to have dinner ready at 5 so my mom can eat before leaving for work. :D