Friday, February 4, 2011

Trying something new

For dinner tonight I tried something new. I used some vegetable spray in a frying pan to cook a chicken breast and then i cut it into strips and threw it on top of a bed of spinach. I sprinkled it with a small amount of cheese and then topped it with some Italian dressing. It was delicious! I have only ever had canned spinach before and I freaking hate that stuff. My mother traumatized me with it as a child and so I just steer clear of it. Whenever I smell it, I gag. I was trying to keep an open mind at the grocery store yesterday though and decided to buy some fresh spinach and see if I liked it any better. Also its been years since I've had any canned spinach so I figured now was as good a time as any to see how I felt about it. I was surprised to actually like it. It doesnt gross me out like lettuce does and I even enjoyed the taste of it. I did try putting one in the frying pan while cooking the chicken but when i tasted it I instantly got flooded with all those terrible memories of how awful the canned stuff tasted. So I guess I just can't stand cooked spinach but fresh is A-okay!

I feel accomplished. :)


  1. i must agree...canned spinach is gross. I do like fresh though. and it is so high in nutrients. If you like nuts, try some roasted almonds or pecans on your next salad. And mandarin oranges and raisins are good on salads as well.

  2. I love pecans and have been eating them. I want to buy some almonds but they are expensive. They were definitely something suggested to me though. But somewhere I read that I should avoid too many citrusy fruits like oranges and stick to more things like apples and pears and bananas so im doing that.