Sunday, February 13, 2011

No wonder..

I just realized why I've been feeling kinda sluggish this weekend other than the bad news. Aunt flo showed up today. Which is rather astonishing considering I only got her the one time all of last year. lol. I must be doing great, my body is finally getting back on track. Actually its only been 25 days since my lmp so I'm about 3 days early for a normal cycle. The only other time in my life I've been this regular was when I was taking birth control pills. So woohoo! Great news.

I went ahead and did my normally night time routine this morning when i got up since i didnt do it last night from staying up too late. Then i came over here and did my wii and my bootcamp so I've already got my full 2 hours for the day. Feeling better now and looking forward to the next couple days... :)

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